Crew Management


GHSPL Crewing has been working with the growing, highly skilled talent pool and staking its reputation on their expertise and performance both at sea and on shore. Today, we can rightly claim to be working with some of the best maritime professionals in the world because of our quality control. All our applicants and candidates are put through a stringent screening process and vetting mechanism on their qualifications, past performance and motivation before being included in our database.

We offer excellent career and training opportunities to all candidates, and our seafarers depend on us for a wide range of professional and personal support. Our relationship with our seafarers is characterized by integrity, loyalty, and a lifelong commitment.

Recruiting System for Crew Selections: The officers and crew are selected not only on their Competency, Past Experience, Good Health and Conduct, and they have to pass through our policies and as per our principles requirement. Which is achieved by an appraisal system that constantly monitors from their respective filed of performance?

  • Crew Evaluation System and Personal Record: We maintain a very comprehensive personal record of our officers and crew (both in hard and soft copies). The crew is evaluated by the head of the department and Master on board at 6 monthly intervals and also by the superintendents during the routine inspections.
  • Policies of Crews Safety and Health: Company policy is to give highest priority to the safety and health of crew on board vessels. Regular safety meetings are held on board in which importance of safety is emphasized.
  • Drug & Alcohol Policy: Ganpati HSPL has an established Drug and Alcohols policy that is enforced expeditiously on board ship.